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CFO Resources


Fiscal sustainability for providers of services to people who experience disabilities in Alaska is extremely important. Significant portions of provider funding are derived from governmental sources such as Medicaid, grants, or other allocations. AADD recognizes the need to provide opportunity for collaboration, brainstorming and common understanding when changes from funding sources impact existing business models. The AADD “CFO Group” is an informal forum comprised of financial representatives of AADD members who convene periodically, or connect with each other, to share awareness and solutions related to funding issues. AADD enjoys an open dialogue with the Office of Rate Review for the State of Alaska, and continues to educate and help shape fiscal policies which contribute to long term sustainability of supports to Alaskans who experience disabilities. The CFO Resources found on this website are intended to share the outcomes of such provider collaboration, and to provide useful links to State of Alaska reference materials.